Welcome to Rosehare Embodied Awakening

Welcome to our temporary website.

Rosehare Embodied Awakening are Jon and Rose Skelton Pearson, who, between them, have almost 50 years worth of experience in the fields of tantra, dance, psychotherapy, yoga and meditation.

We, Jon and Rose, believe passionately that it is the birthright of each and every one of us  to fully experience our aliveness; our connection to ourselves, to others and to nature. Aliveness is felt as a flow of energy within our bodies. For various reasons, we often become desensitised to feeling this flow. Our work is dedicated to reconnecting with our bodies and becoming sensitive to our full potential for pleasure as well as dissolving any obstacles to the free flow of this energy.

To this end, we offer workshops and bespoke sessions involving bodywork, tantric coaching and relationship counselling to both individuals and couples.

We are currently apprenticed to world-renowned master John Hawken, whose Paths of Transformation teaching integrates tantra and bioenergetic psychotherapy in a powerful vehicle for personal development, both for individuals and couples who wish to deepen their intimate connections. We are now endorsed to undertake these teachings ourselves. Our workshop schedule can be found here.

We believe that, primarily, in order to fall in love with life, you need to deepen your connection with yourself. Learning to do so is the path. Progress on the path is felt when you are able to stay more and more with whatever you are thinking and feeling in each arising moment, whether it be joy or sadness, fear or happiness, shame or love. To connect with yourself in this way is true self-love. It is easy to avoid living in the here-and-now through escape mechanisms such as numbing addictions, victimisation and fantasy during those times when being fully yourself feels too intense. Energy is required for you to hold yourself in this place of fully feeling. Through our workshops, 121 sessions and writings, Rosehare Embodied Awakening seeks to give you the means to raise your energy levels and remain connected to yourself in all of life. The more you can do this (and decades of personal experience have taught us that this is a process), the deeper connections you can make with partner, friends and, indeed, everything life has to offer.

The more energised we become, the more truly awake we are to the beauty and mystery of life.  This is our aliveness and the source of our empowerment.  Although we would wish to distance ourselves from the idea that we are running sex workshops, let’s be clear about it: life energy and sex energy are the same thing. If you stop and think about it, you already know this from your own experience. What if you could direct this energy to every part of your body and, from there, to every aspect of your life?

Our workshops involve individual, partnered and group structures which teach you to:

  • Develop and refine your body’s sensitivity
  • Become aware of your energy body
  • Increase the level of energy available to you
  • Harness and direct your energy towards achieving your life goals
  • Enhance your capacity for intimacy with self and others
  • Tune into your desires, and be able to express them
  • Develop awareness of your own boundaries and those of other people

We will always make every effort to make you feel safe and included and our spaces are firmly boundaried. You will never be pressured to take part in activities that do not sit comfortably with you and we can adjust structures to suit your individual needs. Couples who attend together are welcome to work exclusively with one another in paired structures if they wish. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns you would like to discuss with us before deciding to attend.

We would love to welcome you to a journey of self-discovery…