About Jon and Rose


Rose Skelton Pearson


Rose’s background is in massage therapy and also as a teacher of ‘Heart in Motion’ therapeutic dance. She has been on a tantric journey since 2007 and has studied with John Hawken since 2014 when she undertook a year-long training in Tantra Massage. During that time, she has facilitated workshops both in the UK and Australasia. She is a Teacher of the Paths of Transformation.

Currently she lives in Brighton, UK and offers workshops and sessions with her husband, Jon.


Jon Skelton Pearson


Jon’s experience is a braid woven of many strands. As a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, he trained, lectured, supervised and practised for 20 years, from the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy in the UK. He has practised and taught yoga and meditation since 1983 and ran the Calderdale Yoga Centre for eight years. He has undertaken extensive trainings in Buddhism and Western Hermeticism. Active in Ken Wilber’s Integral Movement since the 1990s, he is an Associate Integral Life Coach.

He has been a student of John Hawken since 2017 and is a Teacher of the Paths of Transformation which he considers to be the most integrated, effective and enjoyable system of psycho-spiritual development for anybody wishing to explore what it is to be a human being in the 21stCentury. He brings a deep knowledge, warmth and humour to the workshops and individual sessions he offers with Rose, his wife.