Our Bespoke Sessions

We offer personally-tailored sessions for both individuals and couples.

Sessional work will be preceded by a free 45 minute consultation. You then have the opportunity of meeting with us before committing to a course of sessions. If you come as a couple, you will meet both Jon and Rose. If you are on your own you can choose to meet either with Jon or Rose, or both of us. Bodywork is usually offered by one of us to a person of the opposite sex but this need not be the case. You have the choice.

Our sessions involve elements of bodywork, tantric coaching and individual / relationship counselling. They may also involve tantra, yoga posture work, breath work, autogenic relaxation techniques, meditation and dance. We are fully qualified and highly experienced in all of these practices and we know how weaving them together results in powerful life changes: over the years, we have seen the benefits of ‘cross-training’ in our own lives as well as in the lives of our clients.

The cost of the sessions is

  • £90 per hour per individual,
  • £150 per hour per couple for relationship counselling
  • £180 per hour per couple for bodywork and tantric coaching

Sessions generally last 1.5 – 3 hours and may be longer or shorter according to need. Both you and we will tune into your body / mind and its needs in each unfolding moment and be guided accordingly.

You are welcome to book a single session. We believe that, for you to derive a full and lasting benefit, 4-8 sessions, spaced fortnightly to monthly, is your most effective schedule. We do not recommend spacing sessions at less than 10 days apart, as you will need time to integrate the sessional experience.

We offer a 10% discount on bookings of 6 sessions or more, and 15% on bookings of 10 sessions. All fees include VAT.

We are fully qualified, regularly supervised and indemnified for all aspects of the work we offer.