Sessions for Couples

There are as many reasons for couples to seek our services as there are couples themselves. All, however, have certain elements in common and we will mention some of them below.

  • You are in a fairly new relationship and, now that the honeymoon period is over, the gloss is beginning to thin. As both of you have become more relaxed in one another company, there is less and less of a need to ‘window-dress’ for the other and you have entered a new phase of mutual disclosure. Your beloved  farts, manipulates and has habits you loathe, and they are feeling exactly this way about you. How do you cope with relating to another human being as opposed to your rose-tinted idealised projection? Maybe in the past, you have ended a relationship at this stage: maybe you have a string of failed romances because you didn’t know what to do after you first truly said ‘hello’. `Maybe you want your current relationship to work and therefore you are seeking guidance.
  •  You are in an established relationship and it is beginning to feel stale and confining. You play out established dramas, very same-old same-old that result in varying degrees of estrangement from sighs of futility and turning to the smartphone to full-blown argumentation and a couple of evenings sleeping in the spare room. You don’t seem to be able to talk meaningfully anymore, blaming overwork or the demands of your growing children, but deep down you know that you have semi-consciously entered into a conspiracy of avoidance with your partner that has now become intolerable. Sex has become less enjoyable, ritualised, infrequent.  You can visualise yourself having affairs to recapture that halcyon honeymoon spirit. You want to find a way of ‘making it right’ with the other you once thought you would cross deserts and swim oceans to be with. You want to restore intimacy, vitality and excitement to your life and you need help with this.
  • You are interested in sex. You have read the last two paragraphs and maybe there are a few things you can relate to but there is nothing you would consider to be truly problematic in your relationship. You have heard about us and are reliably informed that we have ways of helping you achieve mind-blowing full-body orgasms lasting for 15-30 minutes. You would like lots of tantric coaching and maybe some bodywork to sensitise you, but no relationship counselling, thanks. That’s fine with us.  We will initiate you into the wonderful world of Tantric Homeplay.
  • One or both of you have some difficulties in your sexual life. For a woman, this may be related to contraction and numbness in the vagina due to pregnancy/ birth/ sexual abuse trauma. For a man, it may be due to erectile dysfunction or failing sexual stamina. One or both of  you may suffer from low sex drive.
  • A growing number of people are choosing to engage in relationships which are not confined to two individuals. This may take various forms; open binary relationships, three or more individuals living and loving in the same space, polyamorous networks spread across different living spaces and combos of these. As a result, new issues are beginning to emerge that conventional relationship therapy cannot account for, including;  jealousy and compersonality, dilemmas of commitment, setting and amending multiple boundaries, multiple consent and issues concerning allegiance. Whilst we have personal, premarital experience of polyamory, and Jon has experience of working with individuals who live in these emerging relational spaces, our work in these areas is pioneering. We are extremely willing to work with you in an atmosphere of curiosity, exploration and respect.

If you can identify with any of the above issues, (or if there is something else we have not mentioned) then contact us  to arrange a free 45 minute consultation with Rose and Jon together. We will discuss your needs and arrange a session tailored to meeting them that will be uniquely yours.

The content of your bespoke session will probably involve elements of bodywork, tantric coaching and counselling, along with breathwork, yoga, dance and coaching.  Sometimes, we will recommend a few sessions of counselling before commencing more embodied practices. Everyone has different needs. Our offerings are made out of an empathic attunement to the unique being you are.

Our sessions may include an element of intimate bodywork. All touch in a session will be mutually consentful and we will not attempt to persuade you to experience anything for which you feel unprepared. Rose and Jon offer couples the opportunity of having bodywork sessions in the same room at the same time.

Please note that we do not offer a sex service. 

You are welcome to book a single session. We believe that, for you to derive a full and lasting benefit, 4-8 sessions, spaced fortnightly to monthly, is your most effective schedule. We do not recommend spacing sessions at less than 10 days apart, as you will need time to integrate the sessional experience.

We offer a 10% discount on bookings of 6 sessions or more, and 15% on bookings of 10 sessions. All fees include VAT.