Sessions for Individuals

You may want to see us for one or more of the following reasons;

  • You experience low energy. It is hard for you to get motivated, finish tasks, move on in life. Your esteem is lower than you would like it to be. Living is a struggle. You may be mildly depressed. To compensate, maybe you veg out on snacks, smoke, guzzle one too many lagers and spend hours watching box sets. As a result, you are physically less sensitive, out of touch with your body and its needs.  Underneath it, you are afraid of life. because when your energy is low, living gets to feel like a battle and this makes a big bad adversary of the world.
  • You have a fear of intimacy. You don’t want anybody to get too close to you although you may not know why this is so. You find that you cannot place trust in relationships and tend to avoid physical and emotional intimacy. This  can affect the nature and quality of your close relationships and your sexual performance. You may find it difficult to give or receive physical touch.
  • You find a difficulty in  expressing your needs to others, and ‘go with the flow’ (i.e. what others need) instead.  Over the course of time, you may find it difficult to even know what you yourself want, let alone express it because you have lost yourself in others. Allied to this issue is a difficulty in maintaining your boundaries; meaning your Yes, meaning your No.
  • You experience sexual issues; for a woman this may be: irregular or painful menstruation, birth / pregnancy trauma, infertility. For a man this may be: erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, lack of sexual stamina.
  • You are suffering from the fallout of trauma; childhood issues that linger, sexual assault, vehicle crashes, war zone trauma and bereavement for example. Symptoms of trauma may involve some of the issues listed above but may also carry some of the memories laid down at the time the trauma was inflicted.
  • You have a poor body image. You consider yourself too thin, too fat, too short too many freckles etc. , etc. You don’t realise that you are beautiful just as you are; you have bought into the cultural myth that beauty belongs to ten per cent of the human race and the rest of us could never measure up without serious amounts of surgery.
  • You have a lack of respect for your sexuality and put yourself in situations of potential danger and promiscuity. We believe that there is nothing wrong with having many sexual partners provided there is consciousness and consentfulness regarding all parties concerned; we are concerned here with how it goes when you are not connected with yourself and therefore not honouring your deeper needs and desires.
  • …and maybe you have a feeling that there must be something more than this…you want to ‘move on’ without really knowing what that means or entails. We have worked with many individuals who feel this way over the years. You will be looking for some clarity.

If you can identify with any of the above issues, (or if there is something else we have not mentioned) then contact us  to arrange a free 45 minute consultation. We will discuss your needs and arrange a session tailored to meeting them that will be uniquely yours.

During this initial meeting, we will be asking you whether you have a partner or partners, and, if so, whether s/he/they are aware of the fact that you have connected with us. We will not work with any individual who is not honest and open with their partner/s.

The content of your bespoke session will probably involve elements of bodywork, tantric coaching and counselling, along with breathwork, yoga, dance and coaching.  Sometimes, we will recommend a few sessions of counselling before commencing more embodied practices. Everyone has different needs. Our offerings are made out of an empathic attunement to the unique being you are.

Most of our sessions will include an element of intimate bodywork. All touch in a session will be mutually consentful and we will not attempt to persuade you to experience anything for which you feel unprepared.

Please note that we do not offer a sex service. 

You are welcome to book a single session. We believe that, for you to derive a full and lasting benefit, 4-8 sessions, spaced fortnightly to monthly, is your most effective schedule. We do not recommend spacing sessions at less than 10 days apart, as you will need time to integrate the sessional experience.

We offer a 10% discount on bookings of 6 sessions or more, and 15% on bookings of 10 sessions. All fees include VAT.