The Paths of Transformation

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The Paths of Transformation, currently the main offering of Rosehare, is an integrated system of personal transformation which works simultaneously in the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual realms of the practitioner. It was developed by John Hawken, a practitioner of tantra, shamanism and psychotherapy over four decades of his experience. Here is what John has to write about it:

‘Learning to experience  energy, in yourself, others and the world, is the key to awareness and presence,  and the power to create your dream as your reality, in beauty, in freedom from fear and with integrity. We invite you to surrender to the streamings of life, to expand your potential for excitement and for sensitivity, to live with more aliveness and awareness, and to balance your desire with accepting the truth of the moment.’

Read more in John’s book ‘Realizations’, available from Amazon.UK


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