Saturday 8th February 2020.   10am-6pm.  Brighton

Taoist Erotic Massage for Couples.  More info


Friday 21st February 2020     7:45 – 10:15 pm     Brighton

An Introduction to Tantra    More Info


Tuesday 3rd to Sunday 8th March 2020.   Cernisko, Czech Republic

Tantric Lovemaking for Couples Block 1/3 (Year long training).   SOLD OUT

Friday 20th March to Sunday 22nd March 2020.   Dorset

A Taste of Tantra: A Tantric Introductory Weekend   More Info

Saturday 28th March  2020          7 – 10pm         Brighton

Inner Fire, Inner Flow.      More Info


Thursday 2nd April 2020.     7:45 – 10pm.      Brighton

 What is Tantra?    Satsang with Rose and Jon.

This is a free event at Space Yoga Studio, St Augustine’s Centre, Stanford Avenue, Brighton BN1 6EA. Jon and Rose will be giving a talk on contemporary tantra and its links to classical tantra, clearing away misconceptions and taking questions and answers. You can find more information here

Saturday 4th April 2020.           10 – 6pm.   Brighton

Resting in the Other: Tantric Presencing.   More Info


Saturday 4th April 2020.         7 – 10pm.  Brighton

Chakra Dance/Journey of the Heart.   More Info to follow.


Saturday 16th May 2020.         10 – 9pm.         Brighton

Tantra Day for Couples, including the beautiful Maithuna Ritual

More info to follow


Tuesday 26th to Sunday 31st May 2020.               Budapest, Hungary

Integral European Conference.         Workshop on Primal Stance (Jon)

More info.


Tuesday 2nd June to Sunday 7th June 2020.       Awakeland, Portugal

Portugal Tantra Festival.   More info


Tuesday 9th to Sunday 14th June 2020.   Cernisko, Czech Republic

Tantric Lovemaking for Couples Block 2/3 (Year long training).   SOLD OUT

Friday 3rd July to Tuesday 7th July 2020.        Czech Republic

Paths of Transformation Tantra Festival 2020.  More info to follow

Tuesday 28th July to Sunday 2nd August 2020.    Sweden

Ängsbacka Tantra Festival.     (Teaching Meditation)


Saturday 5th September 2020.           10am – 6pm.    Brighton

Massage day for all: Principles of Tantric Touch and Energy Work

More info to follow.


Tuesday 15th to Sunday 20th September 2020.   Cernisko, Czech Republic

Tantric Lovemaking for Couples Block 3/3 (Year long training).   SOLD OUT