Workshop: Deep Dating

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Deep Dating; Tantric Speed Dating



Jon and Rose invite you to an evening of speed dating based on the principles of Tantra as taught in John Hawken’s Paths of Transformation. No previous experience of Tantra is required in order for you to attend. The evening is open to men and women of all ages.

Dating services have become an acceptable part of our busy life style and a sensible, honest and straightforward way of meeting potential friends and partners.

Speed dating is logical in enabling the assessment of the greatest number of potential candidates in a given time, but for those of us who are less coldly efficient and more emotionally sensitive, being so swiftly judged can feel superficial, humiliating, and somewhat inhuman. First impressions are important, but what lies under the surface, whether in the other or in myself, also has its value. Deep dating is for those who want to reach under the surface.

The structure for the evening is based on an ancient ritual, the Wheel of Devotion, in which the women sit in a circle and the men travel around the circle until every man has met every woman and every woman has met every man. In the original ritual the participants have the intent of seeing the goddess in every woman or the god in every man. In everyday language we could describe this as meeting in respect and fullness of heart, and honouring the value and uniqueness of every person. This attitude is the key to deep dating. It is about bringing appreciation and valuing to each meeting rather than about undergoing a brutal process of selection and rejection.  

To avoid the embarrassment of “what do we say to each other”, many dating services have recently combined the function of meeting people with an activity: dancing, or cooking lessons, to name but two possibilities. In deep dating the activity is Tantra. As you rotate around the group, Jon and Rose will guide each new meeting. Tantra is the art of meeting, the science of relationship, taking into account the needs and the boundaries of mind, body, emotions, energy and spirit. The activity does not distract from meeting, it is the meeting, but given a form through the particular exercise you are led through. The advantages are:

  • Safety, as the structure is sensitively held from the outside
  • All are doing the same exercise, which helps reduce self-consciousness
  • The space is held for deep contact to arise if it is there as a potential between you and your partner.
  • Many of the contacts are non-verbal, enabling you to go beyond the limitations of words and the games of the mind.
  • The Tantric structures are based on the philosophy of respect for each other, of honouring the god in the man and the goddess in the woman. Each meeting is based not on the judgmental mind, but the accepting heart.
  • The atmosphere is one of playful lightness, of fun, of celebration.
  • The meetings invoke the whole person and are invitations to drop the usual social masks.
  • The meetings are structured on the basis of the essence of what relationship is built on – energy.

This evening is for you if you are open to meeting interesting people regardless of whether they turn out to be Mr/Ms Right. You will gain valuable learning and experience in the art of relationship including tools for valuing yourself, self-confidence, staying present, sensitivity, open-mindedness, looking deeper than appearances, and, above all, using the heart more than the mind when meeting somebody new.

…and if you do meet somebody you like, you will both get a discount for attending Deeper Dating, the follow-on workshop held at Unity Studio the following evening, Saturday 6thApril.   

Early Booking essential. Please email Jon and Rose at to check on availability and payment details. Feel free to call us on 07990541229 for further information and any questions you may have.

Investment: £28.