Workshop: Inner Fire, Inner Flow.

Date: Saturday 28th March 2020.   7 – 10pm

Venue: Loft at Little Dippers, 40 – 42 Upper Gardner Street,  Brighton BN1 4AN


Contemporary tantra is a fast path to spiritual liberation and self-actualisation – if it is practised with integrity. Tantric practices raise our vital life force using breath, sound, movement and visualisation. But these practices have to be handled with care: if the powerful energy current that is generated meets emotional blocks held in the physical body, we risk amplifying rather than dissolving the difficulties which hinder the happiness and fulfilment we seek.

In this workshop, we will teach you the basic skills for lighting your inner-fire, feeding it with breath and facilitating its free-flow through your body. We will then work in small groups to gently release any obstructions to energy flow. This will prepare us for the powerful Fire Breath Ritual which will further intensify our life force and raise it step-by-step up the chakra system.

When our energies are charged and vibrating at a high frequency, we experience a vastly enhanced sense of aliveness, reflected in our consequent ability to manifest and maintain the life we desire.

Inner Fire, Inner Flow is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners of Tantra. All exercises will be gently and safely guided by Jon and Rose and you will be encouraged to participate as intensely as your own physical reserves allow.

This workshop is open to singles and couples but please be aware that much of the evening will involve small groupwork and individual work. There will be no nudity or sexual contact. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Investment: £26.   Earlybird  £22 (until 21st March 2020)

To secure a place/further information please contact Jon and Rose at and make payment (with your name as a reference) to

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