Workshop; Resting in the Other



Venue: Loft at Little Dippers, 40 -42 Upper Gardner Street, Brighton BN1 4AN

This workshop is open to couples in a partnership,  two people who want to explore a deeper heartfelt intimacy, or individuals willing to go deep with other like-minded individuals. All sexual orientations welcome. No experience in yoga or tantra is necessary. We will be using some posturework, breathwork, and will be introducing the unique structures of Tantric Presencing. More about this below.

We have found that the fundamental key to relational nurturance is to relax deeply, and to feel the embodied presence of both ourselves and our be-loved in contact. This requires that we take time out of the schedule of our often hectic modern lives and discover how to ‘rest in the Other’.

This workshop will give you the time and some straightforward ways of working towards this end. 

We will use simple ritual to create a sacred space and move into a sequence of gentle partnered yoga exercises.

Following this, we will be using the principles of Tantric Presencing, a revolutionary new method of deepening relational contact combining breathwork, mindfulness, relaxation and energy work. Our intent is to help you deepen your emotional and physical sensitivity as each partner feels the other and reacts accordingly, generating an energetic flow of engaged mutual recognition.

Tantric Presencing is designed to;

  • Release that sense of physical and emotional ‘stuckness’ which blunts your sense of self.
  • Enhance your sense of aliveness which is so fundamental to authentic relating.
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself through relating to others/your beloved.
  • Develop your ability to feel your physical and energy bodies and those of your partner/s.
  • Encourage mindfulness and lovingkindness within your relationship/s, and beyond, into all walks of your life.

We intend for you to emerge refreshed, empowered to deepen your commitment to your relationship and with knowledge of how you can do this in daily practices which can be as brief as 10 minutes per day or as long as you have time for. 

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Bring a warm blanket to nest in and a sense of curiosity and wonder.

Further information:

07990 541229

Investment: £135 per couple, £70 per individual. (Price includes free admission to the Chakra Dance/Journey of the Heart Evening Ritual in the evening. This is optional, and billed as a separate event.)

Earlybird £115/60 before 21st March 2020.

Payment details: payment in full/ non-refundable deposit of £25 to

Jon Pearson



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